4DSOUND Workshops
program 2024

We warmly invite the international creative community to explore spatial sound performance, production, and development through the lens of 4DSOUND.

This program will offer the opportunity to delve into 4DSOUND technology, covering topics from the fundamentals of spatial sound and its possibilities in the studio or in live settings, to the specific artistic and technical possibilities of the 4DSOUND software and system.

Participants will work closely with experts in spatial sound; 4DSOUND engineers, developers, and artists with a grounded practice in the field.

We kick off 2024 with two workshops:

Custom Interfacing with 4DSOUND
March 18 - 22, 2024
Location: 4DSOUND Studio, Contact Makerspace, Amsterdam
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Composing in 4DSOUND
April 29 - May 04, 2024
Location: MONOM, Funkhaus, Berlin
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More to be announced.

Keep reading to learn more about the particularities of each venue.

Custom Interfacing with 4DSOUND

Key concepts: Experimentation, tech-focused, custom tool building, creative code, spatial sound design

Date: March 18 - 22, 2024
Place: Amsterdam
Contribution: Full price 1600 EUR, discounted 950 EUR*
Location: Contact Makerspace
Capacity: 12 people
Language: English
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*Limited number of discounted spots available for people with underrepresented backgrounds in the spatial sound field, and people in financially unstable positions.

The five day deep-dive workshop at 4DSOUND studio, Amsterdam will have a strong focus on the technical aspects of 4DSOUND technology. Starting from the building-blocks of the software, covering topics such as custom interfacing (I/O), and modular spatial sound design. The 4DSOUND Engine has an open backend, offering extensive and detailed control of all its parameters using OSC (Open Sound Control). Any audio and/or OSC interface - software or hardware - can be used to create custom controls. The standard 4DSOUND Suite is integrated with Ableton Live. Custom interfacing can either work in parallel or completely standalone.

- Who is this workshop for?

People with interest in conceptual design and technical implementation of custom controls for spatial sound. The goal can be to create a live instrument, a sound design tool, a generative composition, or even a game.

Applicants should have experience working with creative code, and/or interface design tools such as Max (for Live), Processing, Touch Designer, TouchOSC, Arduino, different kinds of sensors, etc. Although we welcome beginners, it is important that you master your own creative coding or hardware tools. Experience with Ableton is required when you want to work with a DAW.

- What this programme offers

  • ︎Access to a 16.2 4DSOUND system
  • Personalized instruction and mentorship by experts in 4DSOUND technology and spatial sound
  • Forty hands-on hours and experience with 4DSOUND technology
  • One online preparation session covering setup and technical questions
  • Course materials with technical and theoretical information
  • ︎4DSOUND Suite R&D license with a duration of one year, extendable upon request
  • ︎Access to closed-door listening sessions in the system
  • ︎The opportunity to collaborate and build a network with other creatives with an interest and/or practice in the field
  • A completion certificate

Contribution: 1600  EUR*

Lunch is covered for each day.
Not included: Accommodation or travel expenses.

*This workshop offers a limited number of discounted spots offered to people in financially unstable situations, and/or people from underrepresented backgrounds in the spatial sound field. If you are interested in applying for a discounted spot, you can do so through the application form.

- Important dates

February 19: Deadline of applications.*
March 11: Zoom Virtual Classroom
March 18 - 22: On-site workshop at Contact Makerspace, Amsterdam

*Please note, applications will be reviewed as they come. If all the available spots are occupied before the deadline, applications will be closed prematurely. 

- Application procedure

︎To submit an application, please fill in this application form with all the relevant information.

︎Participants will be selected based on the entry requirements and course capacity. 

Applicants will be contacted shortly after submitting the form.

︎Applications will be reviewed by a committee which includes musicians, creative technologists, and experts in the field of spatial sound.

Deadline for applications: February 19th, or as soon as all spots are filled.

- Syllabus

  • Introduction on 4DSOUND technology by co-founder and Director, Poul Holleman
  • The 4DSOUND parameters: a deep-dive into the Engine. 
  • Audio and OSC (I/O)
  • Approaches to movement
  • Approaches to spatial sound design
  • Approaches to interaction 

For questions or clarifications, get in touch: info [at] 4dsound.net

Composing in 4DSOUND - MONOM, Funkhaus Berlin

Key concepts: Creation, live performance, composition, experimentation, collaboration, listening, experience, immersive art

Date: April 29 - May 04, 2024
Place: Berlin
Location: MONOM Studio, Funkhaus
Contribution: 2000 EUR*
Language: English
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*MONOM is offering a limited number of scholarships, each providing a 50% discount. These scholarships are specifically aimed at individuals from underrepresented backgrounds in the field of spatial sound and those in financially unstable situations. More information can be found on MONOM’s website.

- Intensive six day workshop + Listening Session

What is 4DSOUND? What is the significance of this new medium within contemporary culture? How can 4DSOUND methodologies and technologies increase the creative possibilities and add another dimension to one's individual or collective practice?

As we edge closer to an era of seamlessly integrated ‘immersive’ media, spatial sound is playing an increasingly important role in the way we communicate, and how we build spaces and experiences.

This workshop is a deep-dive into the creative and performance capabilities of the 4DSOUND system. It's an invaluable opportunity for creatives eager to explore the realms of spatial sound production and performance.

- The syllabus includes:

  • Foundations of spatial sound creation and spatial listening.
  • Integration of live instruments in spatial sound performances.
  • Crafting sound sculptures using the 4DSOUND Suite.
  • Insights and testimonials from artists experienced with the system.

For more information on MONOM’s workshop please visit their website.

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