Spatial Sound

4DSOUND is a studio exploring spatial sound as a medium. Since 2007, 4DSOUND has developed integrated hardware and software systems that provide a fully omnidirectional sound environment. These environments enable vivid sonic experiences that blur the boundaries between the real and the imagined: the world of sound we know, and a world beyond. Learn more about 4DSOUND technology

Research & Development

Building on more than a decade of research, development and experimentation with spatial sound technology, this process has opened up new ways to design, perform and experience sound. 4DSOUND has been at the forefront of some of the most creatively challenging and technically complex projects using spatial sound - ranging from symphonic experiences to bio-wearable instruments, from interactive theatre to kinetic architecture. Explore our project portfolio.

Spatial Sound Institute

4DSOUND founded the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, a permanent facility dedicated to spatial sound as an emerging field of study with increasing influence on a range of scientific, socio-cultural and artistic areas. The Spatial Sound Institute works with a diverse group of international collaborators to reframe the role of sound in art, social interactions and our relationship with the environment. Explore SSI’s programme.


Since the first public presentations of 4DSOUND, the technology has been used in over a hundred creative productions, numerously reviewed in the international press and subject of over a dozen video documentaries. Read what the press says about 4DSOUND. 

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