Spatial Sound and Creative Development Studio

4DSOUND is an Amsterdam-based studio focusing on spatial sound as a creative medium.

Since 2007, 4DSOUND has been at the forefront of some of the most creatively challenging and technically complex projects using spatial audio in the context of architecture, music, opera, fashion and research.

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Building on more than a decade of art-driven research, development and experimentation with spatial sound technology, 4DSOUND has pioneered the design of fully omnidirectional sound environments, and developed an extensive set of features used to create spatializations, immersive performances, compositions, interactive installations, and more.

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4DSOUND studios focus on spatial sound production, research and performance. The studios make up a dynamic network of artists, researchers, engineers and developers actively engaged with 4DSOUND technology.

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Since the first public presentations of 4DSOUND, the technology has been used in over a hundred creative productions, numerously reviewed in the international press and subject of over a dozen video documentaries.  

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We deliver workshops and courses that provide a deep understanding of the practical application of the 4DSOUND Suite, and the fundamentals of spatial audio theory and design.

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