4DSOUND in Residence at Stone Nest

4DSOUND in Residence at Stone Nest, London took place from April 21 until May 20, 2023. The residency featured live performances, diffusion sessions, industry events, panel discussions, workshops, and a five day spatial sound course.

The 4DSOUND in Residence series features a temporary studio where bespoke spatial sound systems are built in captivating venues around the world. For Stone Nest, every corner of this iconic Welsh chapel was incorporated into the acoustic design process, making use of the idiosyncrasies of the space to provide deeper dimensions of sound for the listener to dwell in.

The hybrid system designed for Stone Nest was made up of 32 Bloomline Acoustics’ exceptional omnidirectional speakers placed in a matrix layout weaved into the chapel’s architecture, in combination with directional speakers pointed towards the walls and dome. This produced a monumental sonic field.

The 4DSOUND system at Stone Nest functioned as both a recording studio and a performance venue, where several artists were commissioned to produce new work, while others spatialised existing music presented live or as listening sessions.

During the last week of the residency, 4DSOUND collaborated with London-based spatial sound organisation Amoenus, co-hosting a five day spatial sound course where 20 participants had the chance to learn, work, and present music in 4DSOUND.

4DSOUND in Residence at Stone Nest was presented by Stone Nest, 33-33, and 4DSOUND, in partnership with Richard Thomas Foundation, Monom Studios, Lobe Studio, Amoenus, MESH, and Bloomline Acoustics.

Photographs: Brian Whar
Design: Gareth Horner
4DSOUND Technologies B.V.
Contactweg 47
1014 AN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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