Anima is a sculptural installation developed to explore the relationship between an object that seems to have a consciousness of its own and its surroundings. This entity responds to the presence of visitors with a series of audiovisual expressions that create the illusion that it possesses an autonomous sensory identity. It is a simulation of conscious interaction that challenges us to position ourselves before a possible relationship with an artificial intelligence. What would we do with an object that seems to have emotions, the autonomy of an organism, and even a soul (ànima)? 

This mesmerizing sound and light installation was developed by contemporary Dutch artist Nick Verstand, who explores human perception through spatial audiovisual compositions. His installations are intuitive experiences which investigate the frontier between the material and the immaterial by means of collaborative design processes aimed at breaking down social boundaries.

The spherical imagery, which emanates from inside the object, is achieved by use of a single projector coupled with a hemispherical lens whilst the digital surface reproduces the viscosity of a metallic fluid: a presence that generates an immersive and interactive experience of light and sound.

The audience is brought together in a ritualistic experience of ANIMA, by a 4DSOUND composition that interacts and responds to the fluid essence of the installation. ANIMA was experienced by over 15,000 people at Llum BCN.

Author: Nick Verstand
Presented at: Llum BCN
Collaborators: Pufferfis, onformative, &
Composition and Spatial Sound Design: Poul Holleman
Spatial Sound Technology: 4DSOUND

4DSOUND Technologies B.V.
Contactweg 47
1014 AN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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