ARCA Mutant;Destrudo

4DSOUND collaborated with experimental icon Arca in Mutant;Destrudo, a new commission by Park Avenue Armory, New York.

Mutant;Destrudo is an ambitious project conceived and directed by Arca herself. Congregating her close friends and collaborators. This performance piece reexamines the ritual of the concert as a moment of heightened connection between those present.

Working alongside incredible artists, designers, and creative technologists, 4DSOUND provided a spatial sound playground and custom software for Arca to experiment and perform with.

Arca: Performer and Director
Daito Manabe: Guest Artist & Performer
Rhizomatiks: Custom A/V tech
4DSOUND: Salvador Breed and Poul Holleman, Spatial Sound Design and Custom Software
Photography: Unax LaFuente, Hiroko Masuike, Sacha Lecca

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1014 AN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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