Aural Spaces

On December 2022, 4DSOUND was invited to take over the Recital Hall of the historic Royal Concertgebouw. World famous for its acoustics, a collaboration with the Concertgebouw is a very logical one; we've been exploring the same phenomena, albeit in slightly different ways.

During the three days of Aural Spaces, audiences were invited for a very different type of listening experience. All the seats were taken out of the hall, leaving room for people to explore space with their ears; walk around, sit, or lie down, and let themselves be moved by spatial sound. We reframed the acoustics of the Recital Hall with a full-scale 4DSOUND system which hosted sold-out world premieres, commissions, listening sessions, a masterclass, and a networking event.

Aural Spaces is a collaborative effort between Concertvrienden, the Concertgebouw Orchestra, FIBER Festival, and 4DSOUND.

Alyssa Moxley
Bodek Janke
Casimir Geelhoed
Croatian Amor
Echo Collective
Edo Van Breemen
Grand River
Koenraad Ecker
Maarten Vos
Puce Mary
Rakhi Singh
Salvador Breed
Thomas Ankersmit

Partners and collaborators: Concertvriende, FIBER Festival, Royal Concertgebou, Richard Thomas Foundation, MONOM Studio, Lobe Studio, Bloomline Acoustic, Da Capo Orchestral Audio, NAP Labs
Funds: Prins Bernhard Cultuurfond, Provincie Noord-Holland, Het Concertgebouw Fond, Fonds21, AFK, Stimuleringsfonds
Photography: Veerle Bastiaanse, Sabine van Nistelrooij, Pieter Kers

Video: Jesse Kroon & Michel Mölder

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