A robot within a landscape of a large 4DSOUND system constitutes the immersive installation. The robot’s outstretched arm rotates around its associated body in a circle, interacting with and challenging the audience. In the ongoing live performance, 12 performers, choreographed by Candela Capitán, move around the robot and melt into fusion with the futuristic entanglement. The rotational movements of the robotic arm create a form of meditation transferring you into a statement of trance and reflection.

Strong visuals are contrasted with soft details, the costume design by UY Studio showcases fluidity and individualism of each performer, and the overall utopia of CODESS is brought together by the sound design of Dasha Rush. This utopia is further elevated with the help of spatial sound artist William Russell, who uses the 4DSOUND engine to create sounds as if they are living entities appearing in space.

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Spatial Sound Technology: 4DSOUND
Spatial Sound Production: Monom Studios
Sound Design: Dasha Rush
Spatialized: William Russel
Costume Design & Produced: UY Studio
VR Installation: Sensus Communis
Choreographed: Candela Capitán

4DSOUND Technologies B.V.
Contactweg 47
1014 AN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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