CTM Festival

The 2018 edition of Berlin’s CTM Festival hosted the programme ‘Transcend the Turmoil’ on the 4DSOUND system at MONOM presenting visceral experiences ranging from calming and hypnotizing to thought-provoking and radical.

Using 4DSOUND’s software and interfaces, a range of artists explored new forms of sound and music presentation, such as a 3-dimensional hearing-play by Chinese artists Pan Daijing, exploration of 4-dimensional geometries in sound by Russian artist IOANN and overnight audiovisual performance exploring collective dreamstate by composer John Connell and visual artist Florence To.

In 2019, the programme featured a series of live performances showcasing world premieres of newly commissioned work — by artists such as Tiernan Cross, Casimir Geelhoed and Coil’s Drew McDowall — as well as a ‘Sound Sculpture Gallery’ 4DSOUND Retrospective.

Parallel to CTM 2020, MONOM invited the listener to sit on the threshold between the real and the imagined during ‘Sonic Cinema’ in 4DSOUND with contributions from William Russell, Jenna Sutela, FLORA, Edo van Breemen and others.

Photography: Becca Crawford
4DSOUND Technologies B.V.
Contactweg 47
1014 AN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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