La Reina del Metal

Premiered in Castellón, Spain in October 2022, La Reina del Metal is a collaboration between musician Enric Monfort and dancer Vanesa Aibar, using 4DSOUND technology to explore the balance point between flamenco's deeply expressive movements and spatial sound composition and performance.

This project has received the Max Award for Best Dance Show, recognising the most outstanding productions in the performing arts in Spain.

The piece was also part of the Flamenco Biënnale 2023 program at Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam. 


Photography: Carlos Bonilla
Choreography, Dance: Vanesa Aiba
Musical Direction, Performance: Enric Monfort
Spatial Sound Technology: 4DSOUND
Spatial Sound Design: Marijn Cinjee
Stage Direction: Guillermo Weickert
Dramaturgy: David Montero.
Set Design: CUBE
Set Design, Costume Design: Susana Guerrero, Roberto Martínez, Pedro León

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The Netherlands

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