“…The thought of what the world is going to be like in just five years, let alone a decade, induces pure vertigo… I can pin this sensation down to the exact moment […] that I stood among the pillars of [the] 4DSOUND system and put on an Oculus Rift visor, which transformed the room […] while my feet disappeared beneath me. Vertigo on so many levels.” - THE WIRE

“The [4DSOUND] system is going to change music as much as the birth of amplification.” - FACT MAGAZINE.

“It’s difficult to explain the effect in words, but when used properly, it allows artists to create a rich, constantly moving and evolving piece that not only sounds amazing, but also comes much closer to what sounds are like in the real world.” - XLR8R.

“4DSOUND is to surround sound what surround sound is to a wind-up phonograph, a development in sound art and music as transformative as the shift from black & white to colour.” - THE ARTS DESK. 

“A new sound rig that will change the way we interact with music forever.” - DJBROADCAST.

“A revolutionary design… A unique listening experience… It can offer extraordinary new possibilities for composers – from classical to techno – to make their music sound in space.” - AV&ENTERTAINMENT.

Selected Press

‘4DSOUND: A New Dimension’: Two short films by Ableton exploring the system with a performance by electronic artist Stimming.

‘Lost In Sound’: An Arte feature filmed during our showcase at Amsterdam Dance Event featuring Peter Kirn and Robert Lippok.

‘How the 4DSOUND System Could Change The Way You Hear’: CDM's Peter Kirn gives an in-depth exploration of 4DSOUND, including his own architectural sonic concepts using the system.

‘Pioneering Spirits’: An overview of 4DSOUND Founder Paul Oomen on CNN's platform exploring creativity and craftsmanship.

'Woven Ancestory': Dezeen presents an exclusive with binaural recordings of Max Cooper's 4DSOUND show.

‘The Fourth Dimension of Sound’: A Fast Company feature on 4DSOUND, featuring our work with Max Cooper.

‘Sculpting Sonic Spaces’: 4DSOUND's John Connell interviews Caterina Barbieri on her concepts and approach of working with 4DSOUND, for her performance at MONOM in Berlin.

´A Visual History of Spatial Sound´: Red Bull Music Academy present 4DSOUND as part of their historical overview of spatial innovation in sound.

‘A New Sound Experience’: In-depth editorial from Resident Advisor on Paul Oomen and the system, featuring the work of Peter Van Hoesen.

‘Alternate Sensory Reality’: Max Cooper's work takes the spotlight in Creator's Project's article on new directions in club music.

‘Inside The Spatial Sound Institute’: Spaces Magazine presents the architecture and unique design philosophy behind our research facility in Budapest.

‘Stimming on VICE’: The culture platform examines the new possibilities for creative experimentation with a feature on electronic artist Stimming's 4DSOUND residency.

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