"…The thought of what the world is going to be like in just five years, let alone a decade, induces pure vertigo… I can pin this sensation down to the exact moment […] that I stood among the pillars of [the] 4DSOUND system and put on an Oculus Rift visor, which transformed the room […] while my feet disappeared beneath me. Vertigo on so many levels.”

The Wire

“The [4DSOUND] system is going to change music as much as the birth of amplification.”

FACT Magazine

“It’s difficult to explain the effect in words, but when used properly, it allows artists to create a rich, constantly moving and evolving piece that not only sounds amazing, but also comes much closer to what sounds are like in the real world.”


“4DSOUND is to surround sound what surround sound is to a wind-up phonograph, a development in sound art and music as transformative as the shift from black & white to colour.”

The Arts Desk 

“A new sound rig that will change the way we interact with music forever.”

DJ Broadcast

“A revolutionary design… A unique listening experience… It can offer extraordinary new possibilities for composers – from classical to techno – to make their music sound in space.”


Selected Press

‘4DSOUND: A New Dimension’: Two short films by Ableton exploring the system with a performance by electronic artist Stimming

‘Lost In Sound’: An Arte feature filmed during our showcase at Amsterdam Dance Event featuring Peter Kirn and Robert Lippok

‘How the 4DSOUND System Could Change The Way You Hear’: CDM's Peter Kirn gives an in-depth exploration of 4DSOUND, including his own architectural sonic concepts using the system

‘Pioneering Spirits’: An overview of 4DSOUND Founder Paul Oomen on CNN's platform exploring creativity and craftsmanship

'Woven Ancestory': Dezeen presents an exclusive with binaural recordings of Max Cooper's 4DSOUND show

‘The Fourth Dimension of Sound’: A Fast Company feature on 4DSOUND, featuring our work with Max Cooper

‘Sculpting Sonic Spaces’: 4DSOUND's John Connell interviews Caterina Barbieri on her concepts and approach of working with 4DSOUND, for her performance at MONOM in Berlin

´A Visual History of Spatial Sound´: Red Bull Music Academy present 4DSOUND as part of their historical overview of spatial innovation in sound

‘A New Sound Experience’: In-depth editorial from Resident Advisor on Paul Oomen and the system, featuring the work of Peter Van Hoesen

‘Alternate Sensory Reality’: Max Cooper's work takes the spotlight in Creator's Project's article on new directions in club music

‘Inside The Spatial Sound Institute’: Spaces Magazine presents the architecture and unique design philosophy behind our research facility in Budapest

‘Stimming on VICE’: The culture platform examines the new possibilities for creative experimentation with a feature on electronic artist Stimming's 4DSOUND residency


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