SPATIAL Festival

SPATIAL featured over 50 pioneering artists and projects which combined multiple genres, mediums, and dimensions, all united by the language of spatial sound. The festival's core focus was on the interplay of space and time, emphasizing spatial listening as a sophisticated and intricate way of perceiving sound and its relationship with the surrounding space.

At the center of the event stood the "main stage," boasting the iconic 4DSOUND system at Monom Studios, where most of the artworks were presented in complete darkness. This unique setup offered attendees a transformative and expansive experience, fostering a deep connection with the essence of sound and its interaction with space. Removing traditional stages and seating arrangements, the festival aims to break down barriers between art and the audience.

By taking this innovative and boundary-breaking approach, SPATIAL provided a platform for artists to explore new frontiers in sound and space while actively involving the audience in the artistic journey. This blurred distinction between performers and spectators created a collective and immersive experience, encouraging everyone to become an integral part of the art itself.

Some of the artists featured in the festival included:

Andrea Belfi
Bendik Giske
James Blake x Endel
Robert Henke
Ruby Singh
Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith and Charlotte Gainsbourg
Stefan Maier
Suzanne Ciani
Max Cooper
Portrait Xo ft Shehryar Ahmad
Thomas Ankersmit
Zoë Mc Pherson
William Russell

Produced & Presented: MONOM Studios
Creative Direction: William Russell
Support: Sennheiser, Neumann.Berlin, Led Pulse, Fritz-Kola, Thomas Henry, Funkhaus Berlin, MIOMIO, Warsteiner
Video Credits: Polina Georgescu, Shai Levy
Video Post Edit: Akshat Nagar

4DSOUND Technologies B.V.
Contactweg 47
1014 AN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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