STRP Festival

Commissioned by STRP Festival Eindhoven, Salvador Breed & Nick Verstand’s 'Between Mind and Matter' (2019) explores the subtle and diffuse transition space between physical and perceived reality. 

Seemingly tangible laser light creates a perceptual architecture in the space, modulated by the tension of a physical string model. The light is influenced by the gravitational pull of spatial sound objects through deep integration within 4DSOUND’s spatial audio framework.

Concept & design: Salvador Breed & Nick Verstand
Music: Salvador Breed, Stijn van Beek & Maarten Vos
Laser & physical modelling coding: Marcel Smit
Spatial sound software & interface design: 4DSOUND
Laser software powered by NAP framework


Concept & Design by Salvador Breed & Nick Verstand
Music by Salvador Breed, Stijn van Beek & Maarten Vos
Laser & Physical Modelling Coding: Marcel Smit
Spatial Sound Software & Interface Design by 4DSOUND
Laser Software: Powered by NAP framework

Hanneke Wetzer 

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