Sound Space

In December 2022, Lobe in collaboration with New Forms Festival presented Sound Space at Performance Works Theatre located in Vancouver, Canada. This event featured a packed week of activities including live music, guided listening sessions, immersive sound installations, and workshops. The entire experience was made possible through a large array of omni-directional speakers consisting of 40 speakers, all powered by 4DSOUND technology.

Live performances, conversations, and listening experiences were facilitated by award winning and local artists including Inuk artist Tiffany Ayalik, Vancouverite sound sculptor Loscil, Montreal-based guest Ramzi, Brooklyn-based sound bath practitioner A Space for Sound, selections from the 4DSOUND catalog, and more.

Sound Space showcased spatial sound works produced at Lobe Studio for their 4DSOUND System, featuring various forms of environmental listening. The event brought attention to emergent themes such as bioacoustics, storytelling, augmented reality, interactions between species, locality, inner-space exploration, and outer space exploration.

Production: Lobe Studio, Canada
Presented: New Forms Media Society
Spatial Sound Technology: 4DSOUND
Support: CreativeBC, City of Vancouver, Canada Council of Arts, 4DSOUND

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