ZKM Karlsruhe

As part of ZKM Karlsruhe’s GLOBALE programme, an ambitious 300-day festival exploring art in the globalised and digital age, 4DSOUND presented its system and technology during a 6-weeks creative exchange.

With 4DSOUND as the instrument, the past, present and future of music was explored. The programme consisted of a multi-disciplinary spatial sound hacklab, new artist residencies, public panels, lectures and talks, and a month-long seminar for students of the Hochschule fur Gestaltung.

The programme also included research and reinterpretation of spatial compositions by pioneering modern composers Edgar Varese and Iannis Xenakis, and a showcase with experimental Berlin imprint raster-noton in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

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Photography: Béla Bender, Onuk, Harald Voelkl
4DSOUND Technologies B.V.
Contactweg 47
1014 AN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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