4DSOUND Systems

4DSOUND Systems are spatial sound instruments with the ability to project Sound Holograms; sonic vibrations articulated through controlled dimension, position, movement, resolution and interaction within space. This renders vivid listening areas without a ‘sweetspot’ in which sound is not heard as coming from speakers, rather, sounds appear in space as entities with a tangible physical presence, depth and dimensionality.

Monom Studios in Funkhaus, Berlin. Photo: Rebecca Crawford.

For over a decade, 4DSOUND has pioneered the design of omnidirectional sound environments created by developing modular spatial audio software in combination with installing customized speaker setups vertically and horizontally through space.

TodaysArt, The Hague.

In a 4DSOUND system, the interaction between space and sound renders a social listening area where listeners are able to explore the sonic architecture built around them.

Symphonic Sound System for Red Bull Music Academy.

4DSOUND studios dedicated to spatial sound composition, performance, installation and research include: Lobe, MONOM and Spatial Sound Institute.

4DSOUND system for Google I/O. 

A 4DSOUND system merges proprietary software with Bloomline Acoustics’ OmniDrive loudspeakers, and a variety of custom hardware configurations, which result in state-of-the-art spatial sound systems that have been used for a wide range of projects.

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